Memorable Mobile Media

Much more memorable than static posters

Take your message to the masses with Adbike Media

Mobile displays get your message noticed..

Adbike media is being used more year on year as clients realise its value. Direct targeting or a more personable approach with operators interacting with the public. Adbike operators can distribute printed matter or samples when stationary.

Why Adbike Media

Environmentally freindly green media. Adbikes can reach places traditional media is not present. Mobile billlboard displays are up to 15 times more memorable than static displays. Geographic target specific media.

Adbikes can be target specific

Adbikes can be target specific

Adbikes can take your message directly in front of your target audience. Ad Bikes can be used as mobile or freestanding displays with operators distributing samples or engaging with the public when stationary.

Adbike displays get peoples attention.

Adbike displays get peoples attention.

Events, store openings, promotions and recruitment campaigns are the most common booked clients. Depending on your next campaign adbikes could be a perfect add on to your planning.

Adtrike Hire

Prices per day from

  • 8 Hours Rider & Insurances
  • Trike version Add 120x180cm poster

Adbike Hire

Prices per day from

  • 8 Hours Rider & insurances
  • Bicycle version Add 120x180cm poster

Poster Set

In re-usable full colour PVC

  • Poster set Durable colour PVC
  • Option of 1or 2 different designs

Self Hire Display

Adbike display DIY hire, prices from.

  • Self Hire fixes to any bicycle
  • Poster Extra Delivery extra

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book an adbike anywhere in the UK?
Ideally we can supply an adbike and operator anywhere in the UK but towns or villages far from major cities may incur extra travel costs.
Do we need to supply the poster design?
We can help you desing the poster and lay it out for you for a small charge. Or you can supply your own design. it is your choice, we print and design therefore can help with everything.
How long do you operate and hw far can you go?
A standard media day is 8 hours with the adbikes. The adbike can travel in your chosen area for a reasonable distance.
How quickly can a campaign be live?
Pending availability and assuming you have a design ready we could be live within 24-36 hours. We suggest you give at least 5 working days to be on safe side.
Is there any discount for long campaigns?
The longer the campaign booking is the lower the daily rate. Location has a bearing also on costs. Call for a precise quote.
Can we do the campaign ourselves?
Yes you can do a self hire Adbike display. We deliver the kit to you and you perfrom the campaign. Prices from £35 per day based on minimum 5 days.